Inimex hilden

Inimex Hilden Gmbh is new and young supplier of casting and forging and machining parts to the aviation, oil and gas,steel,automotive,machinery and developed metal industries that register in Germany Hilden in 2018 by Shapour Ershadi and partners, Inimex Hilden Gmbh is supplier of metal parts which included manufacturing according to customer drawing also assembles and inspection. systems from bench top to custom built lines Inimex Hilden Gmbh ´s profound understanding of industrial challenges stems from the many years´ experience of be supplier in different applications. Over 18 last 18 years work in different segment ,have good experience to supply row material and machining parts and looking forward to grow up more in this situation . We aim to satisfy our customers and provide the best service in terms of the responsibility we accept .Our capabilities will be explained in the following sections, and we will try to talk about things that are absolutely dominant and have technical knowledge. We will need your constructive suggestions along the way, and we hope that if we have the chance to work with your company , The result of the work always makes us proud Regarding the selection of the manufacturers, the most important item for us was the quality of the products, and we also paid special attention to issues such as delivery time and after-sales service, and the result that we have been working after many years has been excellent. Our work experience after about 20 years of experience in the production of metal parts, is completely in line with steel production methods, OPEN DIE FORGING, close die forging, die casting, machine parts(special in Gear manufacture ), and also product quality control methods, NDT and DT tests, and other complete familiarity. I hope with my experience and idea that I have, can make a small contribution to improving human life.

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